Fundraising is one of the most important elements of Challenge Walk MS. To get started fundraising for 2014, check out our tips below. Please note that all donations to the National MS Society are tax-deductible.

Fundraising is as easy as 1, 2, 3... Follow these simple steps:

Step #1  Know your networks
Make a list of every person you know the obvious (friends and family) and the not-so obvious (neighbors, acquaintances, business associates, team members, alumni associates, etc.). You have just created your donor list. Need extra help? Use the Know Your Networks worksheet (pdf) included in your fundraising kit.

Step #2  Set your fundraising goal
Now that you know your networks, set your goal. Keep in mind that you will want an attainable goal and there is always an opportunity to adjust your goal throughout the Challenge Walk season. Click here for more goal-setting tips (pdf). Once you’ve settled on your goal, make sure log into your account and update it.

Step #3  Share your commitment and make a plan
You have created your donor list and set your goal; next comes what many people think is the hardest part of fundraising, the ASK. Tell everyone what you are doing  the excitement is contagious and your story will inspire others. Articulate why you are taking on Challenge Walk. Your commitment will be the reason they choose to give you a donation.

Now that you know the steps, it's time to get started.

Where the Money Goes

The funds you raise support cutting-edge research as well as programs and services for people affected by MS. Each dollar makes a difference, and as we work together to raise money, our efforts add up to fund critical services and programs that drive our mission forward. From addressing basic needs to supporting wide-scale research efforts, your fundraising really does make a difference. Here’s a sample of your fundraising dollars at work:

$50: could provide a round-trip taxi to medical appointment

$100: could purchase a walker or shower chair

$250: could fund a transport chair; round-trip wheelchair ride to medical appointment, or a portable ramp

$500: could help fund a college scholarship for a high school senior who is living with MS or whose parent is living with MS

$1,000: could pay for a hospital bed; 1/2 of a standard chair lift; utility or rental assistance to two people living with MS

$43,000: could fund a research grant (average cost)

Each Challenge Walk MS participant takes on two challenges — the physical challenge of walking and the philanthropic challenge of raising at least $1,000 to move us closer to a world free of MS. Raising $1,000 can seem intimidating, but once you get started, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is. The easiest way to raise funds is to customize your personal webpage and share it with everyone you know!

Win prizes for your fundraising efforts!